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COVID Awareness Quiz

1. Is the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) naturally occurring? Y/N

2. Is the COVID test (PCR) accurate? Y/N

3. Do masks work well to protect from COVID? Y/N

4. Has the # of cases and hospitalizations and deaths been accurately and properly reported? Y/N

5. Was the COVID vaccine properly approved by the FDA and is it effective? Y/N

6. Is Dr Fauci a legit and caring doctor? Y/N

7. Did Biden/Harris fairly win the 2020 election? Y/N


If this bothers you, and it SHOULD, then you should read more in Coronavirus Scandal Exposed. It is the most complete compilation of information on this topic to date.

Learn the truth!

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Book Description

This is the most complete compilation of information on the Coronavirus Scandal.It is not misinformation nor disinformation!IF you do not know that it was the biggest scandal ever to rock planet earth


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