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This is the most complete compilation of information on the Coronavirus Scandal.It is not misinformation nor disinformation!IF you do not know that it was the biggest scandal ever to rock planet earth, then you most definitely need to read it.Many are naïve and gullible because they believe whatever the news tells them.You thought Pravda was bad for manipulating what people think.Mainstream media with its liberal slant in the United States is much worse.Look at the Big Tech censorship (1st Amendment violation).Are you still believing that the ”Fact Checkers” are legit?Do you think that President Trump won the 2020 election?This entire pandemic thing is corrupt on so many levels:politics, health care, business, media and more.Even the WHO (World Health Organization) had to change the definition of what a pandemic is just before the big COVID-19 scam.If you thought it seemed strange that you were lied to multiple times, then you were on to something.Get the facts.Read on…

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